Versalab innovations, starting with the M3 espresso machine in 2002.  A number of these have been adopted by other manufacturers.



M3 GRINDER    Single dose grinder of totally unique design.


•  No retention.


•  No beans going stale in the grinder.


•  Straight through grind path.


•  Dual action burr set - both conical and flat - total grind path 1.6” (40.6mm) long.

    About the equivalent of a 98mm set of flat burrs.


•  Moving wiper to sweep the grounds out the exit.


•  DC motor driven for better torque and cooler running.


•  Slow grind speed of 500 rpm.


•  Preserves flavor by simple fast process from grind to brew.


•  Dosing hopper that prevents beans sitting in the burrs  between shots.


•  Portafilter holder that firmly holds the portafilter during grinding.




THE PRESS    Compressed air driven device to tamp grounds in the portafilter.


•  Capable of greater forces for better shots.


•  Regulated to less than 1 pound force error.




M3 ESPRESSO MACHINE    Everything about it was outrageous.


•  DC motor powered pump with pump inside the boiler.  In fact, all hot water plumbing

    including brew head inside boiler.


•  Actual brew water temperature controlled to +/- two tenths º F.


•  No three way valve so no old flavors into next shot of espresso.


•  Wood portafilter handle for pleasure.


•  Computer controlled brew pressure, and water temperature.


•  Separately heated brew bayonet.