The PRESS was developed to accurately and repeatably compress espresso grounds. Once the regulator is set to the desired force, it will deliver exactly that same force, every time.  Doesn't matter who's doing it – nor what roast, or fineness of grounds, or humidity, or any of the other variables.  Ensures consistent pours every time.


In the coffee shop, the Press eliminates costly training time and repetitive motion health issues.


Conventional tamping pressure is about 20 - 35 lbs, or the weight that a person can comfortably press.  This is not necessarily an ideal pressure – many users have found a significant improvement in the cup by using the considerably greater pressure the press can deliver.     


Dose the portafilter.  Pop it into the PRESS.  The bottom rest that supports the portafilter ensures that it is parallel to the tamping force.  Flip the toggle valve to compress, then polish the top of the puck by rotating the portafilter handle side to side.  Release the pressure and rush it into the espresso machine!


The PRESS operates from bottled gas (typically CO2), or shop air pressure.   In cafe or home, a standard under-counter compressed CO2 tank and regulator is the easiest installation.  Included with the PRESS is a flow restrictor which allows you to fine-tune the speed of the Plunger. A 10 lb. CO2 tank is capable of over 5,000 cycles.  The tank can be refilled for about $20, or roughly a penny per espresso shot.

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$585 + shipping


Warranty 1 year - support forever


International customers pay their country's customs duties and taxes


Weight 8 lbs.


12 +” high x 5 1/2” square


Operating components are the finest industrial grade available.


Rests are available for a variety of bottomless and spouted portafilters.


The force of packing is 1.77 times the incoming pressure from the regulator.  Regulators can only reduce the incoming pressure, they cannot increase it.