The first single dose, no retention grinder was shown in 2005 at the Seattle SCAA show.  This was the Versalab M3.  The latest revision of this classic design is the M4.  Looks almost identical, but with major upgrades.


The M3 series - and now the M4 - protects the delicate flavors of the coffee, preserves and reveals the essence of the beans and roast.


• No retention so nothing stale


• Long grind path with slow speed for gentle cutting of beans with no burning


• Fast workflow to get the grounds into the espresso machine quickly without loss of flavor volatiles


• Cool grinding chamber


• No redistribution of grounds, no grooming tools, no RTD or WDT


• Easy, fast grind adjustment


• Small footprint


• Dosing hoppers optional




The grinder page gives information about an upgrade kit to convert the M3 drive to M4 specification.