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The upgrades below have been available to select customers for a number of years. Numbers one and two and three will knock your socks off. As with everything we have done to the players, these improvements continue to clean up the sound, tighten it, sweeten it and reveal more detail in every way. Those who have them love it! Get them while they are still available.


1. Platter drive motor power supply upgrade. $200 for the drawings and data or $430 for the ready to install kit. Installation requires technical knowledge.


2. Compressor pulse tank upgrade. If you do not have tanks from us, you should get these. $200 for the drawings and data, $480 for the very simple installation kit.


3. Compressor upgrade for the Model 1.2. Essentially uses the Model 2 compressor on the Model 1. We charge $325 for the engineering package, which is all the information necessary to allow you to purchase the components (around $475 - 600) and assemble the new air system. The new system uses a Model 2 type compressor which is noisy and must be located remotely (basement). The improvement in vacuum and pressure take the 1.2 to REALLY new levels of performance.


4. Platter mat. Not available at the moment.  Do not play records on either M 1 or 2 without a mat.  Damage will result!  Email us if you need alternatives.  Mats may be available soon.



Versalab has been maintaining Versa Dynamics record players continuously since the days when Versa Dynamics and Versa Dynamics Inc. ceased doing business years ago. We have the original designer John Bicht and most of the original documentation. In addition, there is a small stock of any component that has failed since the players were new. We have within the last year or two got a new stock of the obsolete electronics in the control boxes, a few replacement Model 1 transformers, 'play' switches for the M 2, and even some eproms for the control electronics.


Things such as drive belts, vacuum gaskets, and such we continually get remade. Manuals and such are always available as well.


Any part is possible to replace. However, be very careful of loss of a complete sub-system such as a control box, in shipping for instance. We have been suggesting for years that any such thing should be insured for the market price of the complete record player or near that.


One of the best ways to get the players running very well is to talk to John. He is available via telephone or email ( Consulting does cost after the first 1/2 hour or so - $150 per hour. We have heard that some think this expensive - yet they will buy a $1500 cartridge to put on a sick record player that could be put right easily.


Basics to pay attention to...M1 bearings re-greased whenever the grease turns drive belt once a year...and clean the grooves too...keep the arm tube really clean...if there is a humidity problem at the arm call us, easily fixed...keep the players on very good stands, that doesn't mean anything commercial that we have seen...etc.


One of the biggest problems we come across is customer's lack of correct information. Over the years as players have been moved repeatedly, and changed owners, old wive's tales have sprung up. Please see the list at the end of this page.


Price list

Versa Dynamics record player options, accessories and parts price list
The following are the most common accessories and replacement parts.

2. Locking counterweight $275
(for early M2.0 only) A replacement counterweight (slightly lighter than the
original) which has two lugs which reach under the counterweight slide, and
allow the plastic tipped set screw, located in the top, to lock the weight in

3. Auxiliary counterweight $ 85 out of stock
A very tiny version of the main counterweight, made from plastic, which also
locks to the counterweight slide. Because it is very lightweight, it allows very
minute changes in tracking force to be made easily. These minute changes
will be easily perceived in a change in sound quality and are necessary to
achieve best results. Never offered before.

7. Vacuum grease $ 35
A few M1.0’s have a very slight air leak at the outer vacuum gasket groove.
The result of this is a slight whistling noise that sounds like it is coming from
the label area of the record. This noise seriously degrades the sound quality of
the player. Comes with installation instructions.

8. Label damper $145
Just recently developed. This effortlessly installed (and removed) pad
damps the label area of the record. The improvement in sound quality is
phenomenal and way beyond expectations for such a simple and inexpensive



Spare Parts:

1. Vacuum gasket (M1 & 2) $195
The outer gray vacuum seal on the platter.

2. Drive belt $ 26 (specify M1.0 - M1.2 - M2.0 - M2.3 - do not choose the upgraded belt for non-upgraded players)

3. M1.0 & 1.2 inner vacuum gasket $ 55

4. M1.0 & 1.2 bearing grease $ 105

5. Arm air hose $ 85

Ask if you want or need other parts.


It seems that any product that has been around for a while becomes a magnet for incorrect ideas about its performance and flaws.  Seldom true.  The Versa record players have had the same appeal.  The following are some of the old wives tales that we have come across.

If the answers here don't work, call John for a free analysis.

1. Versa record players often spit water out of the air bearings even when in good health.
NO! This is caused by mis-adjusted air pressure settings or the compressor (in the case of the M 2) or control box (M 1) is in a different temperature environment than the record player.


2. The platter motors whine.
They didn't when they left the factory, and needn't now! Get the pulley at the correct height and use extremely low viscosity (wicking) 'superglue' applied at the joint of the pulley and motor shaft.


3. The Model 1 compressor is noisy.
Should never be! Something is not arranged correctly in the box most likely.  The design of this compressor assembly was only finalized, when the compressor could not be found in the dark in a country barn, while running.


4. The suspension of either player should be defeated (made rigid).
Silly, really. It will gain some qualities but lose a lot.


5. The Versa arm is hard to keep tracking correctly.
Get the 1.2 or 2.3 maintenance manual from us.


Help us track down more of these!