The PRESS operates from bottled gas (typically CO2), or shop air pressure.  The pressing force is set by regulating the incoming pressure to the PRESS and is very repeatable.


In either commercial or home settings, a standard under-counter compressed CO2 tank and regulator is the most simple and useful installation.  A 10 lb. CO2 tank will be capable of over 5,000 cycles.  Whether owned or rented the tank can be refilled for about $20, or roughly a penny per espresso shot.


Weight 8 lbs.

12 +” high x 5 1/2” square

Operating components are the finest industrial grade available.

Rests are available for a variety of bottomless and spouted portafilters.


$585   for air or gas + shipping

Warranty 1 year - support forever

International customers pay their country's customs duties and taxes


The force of packing will be 1.77 times the incoming pressure from the regulator.  Regulators can only reduce the incoming pressure, they cannot increase it.


Setting the force the PRESS delivers to higher than the conventional 35 lbs. may improve the consistency and flavor of your shots.  Hand tamping to 35 lbs. is what a person can deliver throughout the day (although doing this long term may have physical side effects); the PRESS makes it possible to experience a more ideal pressure.

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