The Heiland Splitgrade is a new electronic system that saves frustration, time and materials by automating the non-artistic parts of the variable contrast printing process. It will automatically evaluate the negative projected on the easel, choose the contrast grade and exposure time, and then perform the exposure using its own mechanized filter module - or the wonderful LED module installed in the enlarger lamp head.


The Splitgrade can make a classically correct work print first time every time. Or it can be adjusted to make the user's own variation of the "correct" print first time. Variations on the first print are seamless and easy, modifying exposure and grade in tiny steps - .1 grade and either .1 stop or .1 sec. in exposure. No longer does the user have to make a series of test prints to get in the "ball park" before refining the image. The tedious chores of choosing grades in 1/2 steps, making exposure compensation between different filter grades, and dealing with inaccurate grade changes are no longer a required part of darkroom work. A roll of film taken in a variety of lighting conditions is now painless.


The standard Splitgrade consists of a controller, a probe, and either an LED module or filter module all connected electronically. The filter module is specifically made for each enlarger model and is mounted in place of the original enlarger manual filter mechanism. The optional LED module replaces the light source in the enlarger.


Do click on the LED cold light source button in the Heiland window to see the full list of enlargers that they fit.

Prices start around $1,200.



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